OSI Layers DeMystified Tutorial Series

Isa sa mga pinaka-important topics na kailangan niyong matutunan with regards to Networking is – the OSI Layers.

Kailangan memorize mo yan and you know it by heart, dahil lahat ng mga Networking concepts from the very basic to the most advanced will touch dun sa foundation na matututunan mo sa OSI.

NOTE: Etong video series na to is taken from my paid CCNA course .

This is a 5 video series – at ang objective nito is to teach you kung ano ba yang OSI Layers na yan.

Ano ba yung importance nya with regards to networking?

Bakit ba sya na-develop?

Ano-ano ang ginagawa ng bawat isang layer?

Paano ba gumagana yung Encapsulation and DeEncapsulation process with regards sa mga OSI layers na yan.

Ang OSI Layers ay isa sa mga Major topics na covered sa CCNA

After this series, I am sure, na alam na alam mo na yung OSI Layers na yan. Kayang-kaya mo na yung mga questions sa CCNA exam na may kinalaman sa OSI 🙂

These are the Links for the OSI Demystified Tutorial Series.

  1. OSI Demystified Part 1
  2. OSI Demystified Part 2
  3. OSI Demystified Part 3
  4. OSI Demystified Part 4
  5. OSI Demystified – Encapsulation & DeEncapsulation – Part 5


I hope that this tutorial series helps you in achieving your CCNA Goals!

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